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AI Movie: Nalanda Reimagined

Project type

AI Movie


March 2024

Dating back to the 5th Century, Nalanda University in India was renowned as the world's first global residential academic institution, predating even the oldest functional University of Bologna by more than 500 years. Flourishing as a hub of scholarship, Nalanda attracted over 10,000 students globally during its zenith, earning accolades as a premier seat of learning in antiquity. Legendary scholars such as Aryabhata and Nagarjuna illuminated the halls of Nalanda University.

Tragically, the university met its barbaric demise during the conquests of Muhammad Bakhtiyar Khalji towards the close of the 12th Century. Its famed library with estimated 9 million books was reduced to ashes and a significant portion of its intellectual wealth was consigned to oblivion. It wasn't until the 19th Century that the ruins of Nalanda were discovered, nearly eight centuries after its obliteration.

Drawing from historical accounts and archaeological findings, 'Unearthing the Past: Nalanda Reimagined' uses cutting-edge AI methods to reimagine the splendor of Nalanda's golden era and the tragedy of it's downfall. We aim to breathe life into the past while showcasing the transformative potential of AI in storytelling and historical reconstruction.

AI Tools Used:
Text Generation - ChatGPT
Text to image - Midjourney
Image to video - RunwayML
Text to video - RunwayML, PikaLabs, Stable Diffusion
Image to 3D video - Leiapix
Text to Music - MusicFX, MusicGen
Speech to Speech Synthesis - ElevenLabs
Audio Transcription - Descript

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